Chris Is My Glee
Letterman Jacket

Author’s Note: This chapter was inspired by “Kurt Solo”, a work by the Tumblr artist, Alphonse-Hummel.

Puck slipped into his sneakers, and put his hand on the door handle. “Shit!” He forgot his jacket. He turned around and walked back to Kurt’s room. He put a lot of effort into being quiet on the staircase, if Kurt had fallen asleep, he didn’t want to wake him. Nearing the bottom of the staircase, he could see that Kurt was no longer curled up among the pillows on his bed. He was standing in front of his desk, still naked, his hand on the letterman jacket that Puck had draped over the desk chair.

Puck opened his mouth to say… but he saw Kurt’s hand caress the jacket; and he stopped still and quiet on the stairs. He watched, as Kurt’s hand glided across the jacket’s shoulder, and down the leather sleeve. Puck would have bet serious money, that if he ever saw Kurt doing something like this, he’d laugh and tease him about it forever. He would have lost a small fortune.

Puck watched Kurt, watched his fingers slide over the leather in a gentle caress, and he didn’t feel like laughing. He felt like Kurt’s fingers were squeezing his heart. He was intruding on a private moment. He should tell Kurt he was here…Kurt picked the jacket up, and Puck knew he wasn’t going to say anything. He sank down on one of the bottom steps and watched his boyfriend.

Kurt held the jacket in his arms, and buried his face in the collar. He inhaled Puck’s body scent, and rubbed the leather against his cheek. He spun the jacket over his shoulders, and slipped his arms into the sleeves. He fingered the collar, and trailed his hand down the snaps on the front of the jacket. He crossed the room, to look at himself in the full length mirror.

Puck had to smile, seeing Kurt in his jacket. Puck was wider through the shoulders than Kurt, and the jacket fell around him loosely. The colour looked good on him, though. Puck flashed on a picture of Kurt walking the McKinley halls in his jacket. The surge of pride and possession, that tightened his gut, surprised him. Man, he was so screwed!

Kurt stared into the mirror, and slowly ran two fingers down his own chest. Puck’s eyes went wide, and his breath stuttered. He wasn’t going to …yes, he absolutely was. Puck had never seen anything more erotic in his life. Kurt’s hand drifted ever south, his arm spreading the jacket open. His fingers combed softly through his pubic hair, and detoured around his rising cock, to stroke his inner thigh, eventually holding his balls. Puck watched the long fingers stroke the delicate skin, and then tug gently. Kurt’s eyes closed, he sighed.

Puck watched it all reflected back to him, in Kurt’s mirror. Kurt opened his eyes and stared into the mirror as his hand encircled his cock, pumping the length slowly. God, he was beautiful, all pale skin against red leather, his eyes sliding shut, as he hissed in pleasure.

As erotic as this vision was, Puck couldn’t just watch anymore. He needed to take someone’s cock in hand, either Kurt’s or his own. Looking down at his own cock straining against his jeans and then over at Kurt, God! No contest. Puck stood, and thumped down the last three stairs. Kurt’s eyes flashed open. He looked into the mirror, and waited as Puck approached.

Puck stood behind Kurt. He raised one hand to brush along Kurt’s neck. “Need a hand?”

Kurt leaned back against Puck, and dropped his head back against the Titan player’s shoulder. Puck snaked both arms around his boyfriend, one hand tweaking a nipple, the other molded around Kurt’s cock. They watched themselves in the mirror. Kurt arched his back, wrapped one arm up, and back, around Puck’s neck. He set his other hand over Puck’s, on his cock. They stared into the mirror. Puck’s fingers swept the head of pre-cum, and slicked it over the length of Kurt’s shaft. Kurt traced his hand over Puck’s wrist, up his arm, and then moved it back, behind Puck, to grab his ass.

Puck groaned, and thrust into Kurt. Puck’s cock was throbbing, trapped in the denim. Shit! He should have unzipped before he started this. Fuck it! Kurt was close, Puck wasn’t stopping now. He sucked a bite into Kurt’s neck, gave a twist to the crown of Kurt’s cock, and “NOAH!” Kurt shuddered in Puck’s arms, his cum coating his boyfriend’s hand.

Kurt sighed, and stretched against Puck like a cat. He turned, and wrapped himself around Puck, sealing Puck’s mouth with his own. Puck returned the embrace with one hand, holding the other bedewed one away from Kurt’s body. Kurt stepped back. He took Puck’s hand in his, and touched his tongue to the white fluid, one short lick. Kurt wrinkled his nose. “I don’t think so.”

Puck laughed, and reached for the Kleenex box beside Kurt’s bed. He wiped his hand and grinned at Kurt. “That looks good on you, babe.”

Kurt turned to the mirror. “You think so?”

Puck nodded and pulled Kurt back against him again. “Really hot!”

Kurt laughed and turned to face Puck. He moved to take the jacket off. “Here, you’ll need this tomorrow.”

Puck shook his head. “No, you keep it.” Puck draped the jacket around Kurt’s shoulders, and held the collar closed at the other man’s neck. “I want you to wear it to school.”

Kurt’s eyes went to that crystal green that meant he was excited. “Really?” He looked down at the jacket, and then up at Puck, a frown hesitating in his glance. “You sure? It won’t be just the Glee kids, Noah. The whole school will know I’m wearing your jacket.”

Puck smirked, and pulled Kurt into his arms. “Yeah, they’ll know you’re mine.”

Slow Burn

It was Friday, the first day of spring, not that you’d know it by the weather. Outside the classroom window, snow still clung to the grass. Kurt glanced at his watch, 9:40 AM. It was a scientific phenomenon that deserved more research; Fridays were actually longer than any other day of the week.

Kurt looked over at Puck. His boyfriend was slouched in his seat, totally ignoring the droning teacher, engrossed in some game on his phone. Kurt’s eyes roamed the broad shoulders, the muscled arms, the stupid hair cut… even after all these months, watching Puck unaware like this, Kurt still found the fact, that Puck was his boyfriend, shocking. There should be some kind of sign, some hint, that there was more to Puck than a badass in jeans. Kurt envisioned a black leather band, or maybe a tattoo, “Property of Kurt Hummel”. He smiled at the thought of Puck’s reaction to that suggestion!

Feeling Kurt’s eyes on him, Puck looked up from his phone. Kurt picked up a pencil, and locking onto Puck’s eyes, very slowly, ran his lips along its length. Puck’s eyes followed Kurt’s lips. He looked at the clock on the wall over the classroom door, and groaned.

Kurt grinned, and Puck flashed him a glare. The Titan player picked up his phone and tapped quickly.

Kurt’s phone vibrated.

2 can play that game, Hummel

Kurt thought for a second.

you can play with me anytime

Kurt watched as Puck read his text. When the other teen looked up from his phone, Kurt smiled suggestively.

Puck grinned and gave Kurt the one finger salute.

Kurt tapped his phone’s keypad.


“Mr. Puckerman, Mr. Hummel, please don’t let my class disturb you.” The history teacher got sarcastic when she was pissed.


On his way to English, Kurt passed Puck’s geography class. He stopped in the doorway, and scanned the room. Puck was just sliding into his usual desk in the back row. Dropping his books on the desk, he looked up and saw Kurt. Kurt leaned one shoulder against the door, and spread his legs open, nothing obviously indecent, just a few inches really but it got Puck’s attention. Kurt put a hand on his knee and ran it up his inner thigh. He stopped with his hand on his hip, fingers splayed across his thigh, pointed down toward his groin.

Puck came up off his seat…

“I wasn’t aware you were in this class, Kurt?” The geography teacher stood beside Kurt in the doorway.

“No, sir, I was just leaving.”


In the cafeteria, at lunchtime, Puck decided that turnabout was fair play. He sat in Kurt’s lap at the Glee table, and proceeded to ground his ass onto a very sensitive part of Kurt’s anatomy.

“Kurt, you O.K.?” Mercedes stared at her BFF, concern in her voice.

“Fine” The word emerged as a squeak, so Kurt cleared his throat and tried again. “I’m fine, Cedes.”

Santana nudged Mike, and grinned at Kurt. “You’re looking a little flushed there, lady face.”

Puck laughed, and wriggled on Kurt’s groin.

Kurt glared at the cheerleader. “Shouldn’t you be off playing tonsil hockey with Britt?”

Santana sat back and crossed her legs, all smiles. “Oh, no! It’s way too interesting right here.”

Mike raised his eye brows at Sam, who elbowed Artie; all three boys staring at Kurt and Puck. Watching as Kurt closed his eyes and bit his lip.

Rachel and Finn pulled up two chairs and joined the group. “Kurt, I’ve been thinking, we could do a duet from “Spring Awakening”?” Rachel looked at Kurt expectantly.

“Sure.” Kurt’s voice was a little shaky.

Finn looked at his brother, but Rachel didn’t notice anything unusual. “Really?” The Streisand wannabe wasn’t used to Kurt agreeing with any of her suggestions. “I thought maybe “I Don’t Do Sadness” from Act II?”

“O.K.”  Kurt forced the word out between tight lips. Rachel finally noticed the absolute quiet at the table. No one was talking; they were all staring at Kurt and Puck.

Kurt teased a hand up Puck’s inner thigh, and Puck obligingly opened his legs wider. Kurt palmed the flesh under Puck’s zipper, and Puck’s breath caught. Kurt clamped his fingers shut, and squeezed.

“Fuck!” Puck jumped off Kurt’s lap. “Shit, Princess! You could have just asked me to move.”

“Oh, and if I had asked, you would have just moved, right?” Kurt hooked a foot under a chair at the next table, and dragged it over for Puck.

Puck sat down. “Well, no, probably not.”

“That’s what I thought.” And they grinned at each other.


On his way to his last class, Kurt slid through the congestion of students, and snuck up behind Puck. He ran his hand down the centre of Puck’s back, and cupped his ass. Puck stopped. He didn’t turn around. He just reached back, and grabbed Kurt’s neck, pulling him closer. “Thought you didn’t like PDAs?”

Kurt threw an arm around Puck’s shoulder, as they walked down the hallway. “That was before.”

“Before what?”

“Before I realized I can’t keep my hands off you.” Kurt flipped his fingers through Puck’s Mohawk, and slipped into his classroom. Puck stood still amidst the swarming mass of students, until someone walked right into him. “What the fuck, Puckerman!”


Puck glanced at the classroom clock for like the fortieth time; 11 minutes to go. He pulled his phone out.

From Puck: no one’s home at my place

From Kurt: your ass or mine?

From Puck: whoever gets there first tops

Kurt hit the door running, as the last buzzer rang.